Description field not visible in File Explorer

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Description field not visible in File Explorer

Windows 11 Pro Build 22621.2715

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but after installing PDF Property Extension am still unable to view the PDF “Description” metadata field.  Is this expected behaviour?

My test was as follows:  I inserted some text into various pdf metadata fields of an existing pdf file using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  I used the command File→Properties.  I edited the “description” field in the “Additional Metadata” dialoge, and also added a second custome “Description” filed on the "custom tab.  See the attached screenshots.

Then I opened Windows File Explorer and navigated to the folderr where my pdf file was located  I added both of the availbald “Description” columns to my view.  Neither contains either of the “Description” text I inserted into the file.  The “Authors” field does display the correct information from the file.

I have restarted my machine in case this makes andy difference, but it doesn't.  I have tested this in both network drive locations and local drives.

My application is in drawing document management.  Since my files are named using drawing number only, I'd like to be able to see the pdf file “Description” in the Explorer view so that I can identify what the drawing is for without having to open the file each time.

many thanks,


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Adobe Document Properties
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Re: Description field not visible in File Explorer

Sorry for the late reply.

The field Adobe shows as Description in your screenshot "Properties 2" is (or should be) the same field they call Subject in "Properties 1".
To show it in Explorer you must show the Subject field (like you do with Word, Excel, LibreOffice docs), see the attached screenshot.

As for the other custom properties, they're not actually supported by PDFPropertyExtension.
I don't know if they ever will because, as far as I remember, Explorer has a static list of available properties and I don't know if they can be added dynamically (at file level).

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