Touchpad hangs

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Posts: 10
Joined: June 2, 2020 - 09:34
Touchpad hangs

There is a strange issue I've been experiencing from a month or so. Whenever I boot up a MIDI-related application other than

  • Media Player
  • Falcosoft MIDI Player
  • VanBasco
  • Synthesia
  • and MIDIEditor,

the touchpad of my laptop goes unresponsive. For instance, I can't use XGWorks, LMMS and even online MIDI applications like Dotpiano, Google music lab and so on in peace.

I use MIDIMapper and virtualMIDIsynth 2.13.7 with 4 devices enabled for 4 separate soundfonts. 2 being preloaded and 2 aren't. Having frustrated, Today I switched to 2.9.3 and the issue seems to be gone.

According to what I discovered, the thing is, my touchpad works fine when VirtualMIDISynth won't show up under sound, video and game controllers.

All I'm asking is, is this just me or is anyone else getting this error?

System specs:
Asus Expertbook B15000CEPEY, Core i7 11th gen, 8GB RAM upgraded to 16GB, 256GB SSD (Replaced), Iris Xe main GPU + GeForce MX330 Render-only

Until I would be able to obtain a proper fix, I'll keep using VMS 2.9.3 with BASS.dll, BASSMIDI.dll and BASSENC.dll copied from their latest versions (from 2.13.5/7).
Would this setup be problematic? I mean, using an older version of VirtualMIDISynth with newer BASS libraries?

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Joined: March 25, 2012 - 01:19
Re: Touchpad hangs

Well, I've never seen/heard of anything similar but, as a Windows developer, I should expect anything 😉

Default question: have you double checked your whole system devices for driver updates? 🙄

Duwindu Tharinda wrote:
Today I switched to 2.9.3 and the issue seems to be gone

VMS 2.9.3 was the latest version before code changes needed to support Win10-2004 and later, that resets MIDI config at each boot.
Starting from 2.10, VMS installs and configures itself as a Virtual Audio driver; that version was released on August 2020 with no issues so far.

Could you please try to only disable latest VMS in Device Manager instead of downgrading it?
It could help me check if the issue could be in the setup or in the installed driver.

PS: which Windows version are you running now?

Duwindu Tharinda wrote:
I mean, using an older version of VirtualMIDISynth with newer BASS libraries?

It "should" work, because BASS always tried to keep its compatiblity with previous versions.
But VMS changed a lot meanwhile, so you're missing a lot of features/fixes like HiDPI support, memory leak fixes, vectorial graphics, ...

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Joined: June 2, 2020 - 09:34
Re: Touchpad hangs

I had to mangle some of my drivers like this.

GeForce MX330 stays in driver v528.24 since the new version gets problematic with the Premiere Pro crack I'm using.

Intel Iris Xe update was rolled back since the Intel Arc app's interfering behavior towards some of my important apps. (It just doesn't let them run with its pushy notifications.)

Also I have changed the Realtek audio driver in rage since the Intel Smart Sound technology takes it over and reduces every single recording device's gain where if I amplify the recorded audio into a distinctive level, everything sounds painfully noisy.

Furthermore, by going through Asus's support video, I have reinstated both the Precision Touchpad and I2C HID Device drivers. But the problem stayed the same.

Luckily, I have had VMS 2.12.8 installer. So I installed that and unchecked check for updates for further testing purposes. For now, the problem seems to be gone.

And it's windows 10 version 22H2 even though I'm experiencing this issue all the way from 21H2.

Posts: 10
Joined: June 2, 2020 - 09:34
Re: Touchpad hangs

Today I jumped back again on manually searching updates and now I figured out that the latest version which doesn't introduce any touchpad malfunctions was VirtualMIDISynth version 2.13.3. Right next to that version, the log has mentioned a BASS Update (version 2.13.4). Which means that my laptop has some strange driver issue that chugs on the touchpad while executing BASS The thing is, when I open a DAW or at least a website that deals with MIDI Playback, in addition to VirtualMIDISynth, my other VST MIDI Synth thing also comes to action, so I could blame it on the sudden spike of demanded tasks, but if I remember correctly, that issue persisted despite uninstalling the VST MIDI Synth. External mice works fine no matter what, but I'm more of a touchpad user these days.