Shan SGM-X28/X48 v1.0 Soundfont demo songs & download

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Shan SGM-X28/X48 v1.0 Soundfont demo songs & download

Thank you for putting the SGM-V2.01 download link on your website.

The MIDIMapper & VirtualMIDISynth are great, thanks


It has been 20 years since SGM-V2.01, and I even deleted the Soundfont file myself.
Last year, I downloaded SGM-V2.01 and tried it. Oh my god, the sound was TERRIBLE, haha...
So I made this SGM-X48.


Shan SGM-X28/SGM-X48 v1.0 Soundfont:

1.Premium sounds from early-to-mid 1990s, brings back the joy of the old days.

2.The most balanced GM Soundfont, volume balance is close to Roland SC-88Pro.

3.Optimized sound quality, sound is much better than SGM-V2.01.

4.The X28 version is less than 28MB and can be used on SoundBlaster AWE32/64.

Soundfont download:


Demo songs, have a listen :)


Lunar Silver Star Story - Silver Light

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - Toward the Horizon

NiGHTS into Dreams - Dreams, Dreams

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Re: Shan SGM-X28/X48 v1.0 Soundfont demo songs & download

Thanks for your work.

I've updated VMS page and added the new link 😉