Korean language Support Please~

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Joined: May 19, 2014 - 08:57
Korean language Support Please~

Many Korean's used the Cool Soft 'Virtual midi synth'.

The elderly are difficult to use.

I can help if needed.

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Re: Korean language Support Please~
heocurly wrote:
I can help if needed.

Hi heocurly, welcome aboard.
Translating VirtualMIDISynth is now easier and can be done completely on-line, no need to send translation files back and forth and no more issues with Unicode editors.

I just added your account to the translators group.

You'll see a new menu item on the left: "Translate software"; click it, then choose VirtualMIDISynth, Korean language and... start translating language items. You can pause and restart your work when you like.

At the bottom of translation page you'll find a link to download the translated file (even if incomplete) with the instructions on how to install it into your system. This way you could test your translation by yourself.

Feel free to ask for further information.

Thanks in advance for your support.