Edit the program bass sound

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Edit the program bass sound


Thank you for your work, I have been using the virtualsynth for a while now and I'm very happy of the sounds. I'm a one man band with limited budget for using a sub bass amp and they are heavy also. So I have been using an ESQ-1 Ensoniq synth keyboard in combination SC-55 Souncavas and was able to get by with a better bass sound with the ESQ-1 thru a 2 speaker PA system. But the keyboard is very heavy and lots of midi cables for gigging. I was searching for a soft synth like Roland VSC but it did not work with a 64 bit Win7 laptop. I found the VirtualSynth a god send.

Is it possible to shape a midi bass sound and any other sound on a specific channel i.e and give it more rounder sound and have it stay that way from song to song. I have a feeling SysEx is the way to go. I would rather not use any.

Thank you very much


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Re: Edit the program bass sound

If you mean "apply effects on a per-midi-channel" base, this is not possible.
BASS library effects can only be applied to the whole MIDI stream.

AFAIK there are no "audo shaping" SysEx messages and, usually, they also apply to the whole MIDI stream.

Maybe your audio device drivers could help you in shaping the output (some kind of "equalizer"), but this will affect the whole device output.

I hope some better musician than me will come in...