Add support for external (local/remote) mixer input.

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Joined: December 6, 2014 - 13:44
Add support for external (local/remote) mixer input.

First thanks for the nice software! (That replace the Microsoft filthy noise generator.)

My question is:
- Is it possible to add support for a (local) remote mixer input?
(So I and other people can make my/their own hardware and software to set/change the mixer.)

Just like this: (but realtime...)

Maybe using TCP (server, multiple clients?) and JSON; enable remote mixer and also set the port number via the settings menu?

For example JSON messages send to the VirtualMIDISynth mixer:

Maybe you can also add a panic button input?

I think, it will be great, if you want (and are able) to add it!
So, what do you think about that idea?


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Re: Add support for external (local/remote) mixer input.

Your idea is really interesting and it was already asked sometime ago, as you pointed out.
Other users suggested COM/DCOM, but I immediately thought at the huge lot of work needed.

TCP/UDP socket is interesting, lightweight and much more configurable.
Anyway, adding such a feature now (I mean in VMS 1.x) is not feasible because its DLL is loaded into a client application (your MIDI player) upon request.
Opening a TCP socket this way will lead to issues with antivirus/malwares/security softwares of all kind.
Again, the DLL could be loaded by more than one player (even if not officially supported) so which one will own the listening port?
I already have the same issue with shortcut keys (i.e. CTRL+ALT+M to open the MIDI Mixer).

That said it could be an interesting feature to be added to version 2.x (see this thread for further details:
In 2.x the driver and the synth parts live in two distinct processes, so this feature could be expanded to let VMS be fully controlled externally, not just the mixer.