Mixer & modulator

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Mixer & modulator

First of all sorry for my poor English.
This paper refers to VirtualMIDISynth 1.12.0
Functions to add and modify, if possible:

  1. Volume control midi channel with gain, not only in attenuation.
  2. RESET button for the mixer midi
  3. The mixer midi back to the original size at the beginning (or end?) Of each midi file, even after you have minimized. This behavior is very annoying. Must remain icon! If I need it I click on it.
  4. VirtualMIDISynth not command correctly (or not command all) modulators to the internal sound banks championships. For this reason, some sound effects do not play.
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Re: Mixer & modulator
  1. On my TODO list I already have a request for SoundFont Gain setting to allow increasing the volume of a quiter soundfont and/or decreasing volume of a louder one.
    Should it fit your needs?
  2. Added to TODO list.
  3. Added to TODO list.
  4. This is out of my control: MIDI synthesis is done by BASS libraries. You should post your feature request (along with a sample file) to UN4SEEN forums.