MIDI input ports.

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Joined: March 21, 2015 - 13:52
MIDI input ports.

I would like to see VMS get support for giving you the option to either create it's own virtual MIDI port, like it does now, or to listen on already-existent virtual MIDI ports created by virtual MIDI loopback cable programs such as Midi-Yoke.

This would solve the problem of VMS working under Linux as they can just use the omnipresent Midi-through port-x' ports, especially now that VMS has its own standalone sound server application it would work under Linux perfectly.
It could also make VMS  usable for Windows computers who won't allow Coolsoft to create it's own virtual MIDI port.

So please add this functionality to VMS.

99 little bugs in the code,

99 little bugs,

take one down, patch it around,

you got 127 little bugs in the code

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Re: MIDI input ports.

Well, this is a feature that will require al lot of work; I'm not saying "no", but actually my priority is to have a working 2.0 version, or at least a more stable beta one.
I'm also not completely sure that VMS will work if the MIDI-Port issue will be fixed. There's a lot of other components (starting from the underlying BASS libs) to test under WINE.

One of the upcoming Alpha version will have a MIDI-->MP3 converter feature. Since it does not require a MIDI input, but only a MIDI file, it could be a good test to check if VMS+BASS libs work under WINE.

TheBlackMIDIMasta wrote:
It could also make VMS usable for Windows computers who won't allow Coolsoft to create it's own virtual MIDI port.

Could you please elaborate this?