Metadata disappear after search

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Metadata disappear after search


thank you for this very useful extension. It is unbelievable that explorer does not show pdf metadata and that we need an extension to do so...

I need to sort my papers and books in explorer, according to the tags (The trick is, for each pdf I use a special keyword, which is the number of notes/number of pages ratio).

Now, explorer shows all my tags when I list a folder. This is the normal behavior.

But: when I do a search, most of the keywords disappear, only a few of them stay visible in the tag column and they come back when I clear the search criteria box.

I use a lot of pdf (thousands), and it does not seem to be related to the type (or .xmp) of pdf.

May you help me please?


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Re: Metadata disappear after search

I need a simple test environment, hope the bug happens only with a single file...

Choose a single file, copy it in a folder alone and check if all of its tags appear in Explorer.
Then run a search (on that folder) and check if some of its tags disappear.

If yes, please post that sample file here and I'll check it out.
If you want to keep it cnfidential, send it through the contact form and refer to this post.

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Re: Metadata disappear after search


I did some more tests.

I first took a single pdf (say, "pdf A") from a folder with dozens of pdf. this one, when I make a search, the tags (keywords, author, title) disappear.

I put it alone un a test folder . the tags are ok in the initial explorer view, and disappear when I make a search.

then :

I took a second single pdf (say, "pdf B") from the folder with dozens of pdf. that one, when I make a search there, the tags remain visible.

I put it in the test folder : at first, the tags are ok, and then disappear when I make a search (whatever the search : it could be "the" or * or *.* or *.pdf, it doesn't matter).

so, it is weird that the tags of "pdf B" disappear after a search in a folder , and remain visible after a search in another one.

I hav a win7 ultimate, and use acrobat X.

I send pdf A and B with the form.

thank your for your help




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Re: Metadata disappear after search

First thing to point out: search done in Windows Explorer is done "externally" in Windows Search. Explorer does only show results.

Windows Search uses (or should use) the same Property handlers (like PDFPropertyExtension is) as Explorer in a slight different way called "out of process" (remember that Windows Search is an external process).

From Microsoft documentation:
"Microsoft Windows Search uses property handlers to extract the values of properties from items and uses the property system schema to determine how a specific property should be indexed. To read and index property values, property handlers are invoked out-of-process by Windows Search to improve security and robustness. In contrast, property handlers are invoked in-process by Windows Explorer to read and write property values."
See here for further info:

The results returned by Property handlers are then stored in Windows Search results database and shown in Explorer.

That said, the first thing to try is to rebuild the Windows Search database ( and check it out again.