The Edit Post Issue

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The Edit Post Issue

Ok, I think I've discovered why I couldn't edit my post, I started writing my post at 0:15 AM and I submited it at arround 2:30 AM

So if I submitted it at 2:30 AM then I would have up to 3:00 AM to edit the post right?

Wrong, here's the problem, the 30 minute counts from where you first hit create new post/reply button, so since 0:45 AM I wasn't able to edit my post anymore, the forums post time says at which hour the reply button was hit, not the hour at which it was submitted

I wouldn't have any problems with this 30 minute system if it counted since the submission time

My latest post was published at 17:48 but the post says the time at which I pressed the reply button, 17:24, and as you can see the edit button its there because it hasn't reached the 30 min limit, when I'm writting this (18:08) it has been more than 30 minutes since the reply button was hit but It hasn't been more than 30 minutes since the submit button was hit and now it doesn't let me edit the post anymore:

So to fix this either change how the hour of the post works and make it post it at the time it was submited or increase edit time from 6 to 24 hours

Best Regards (submitted at 18:16)

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Re: The Edit Post Issue

When you click Reply, a temporary Post record is created, set ready for editing but still not saved to DB.
Being creation_date one of its mandatory fields, the DB mapping library prefills it with current time (at the time you're clicking Reply).

The error was to not update field at the time the Post is finally saved for the first time...

Now fixed, thanks for your detailed report and support ;)