Minimum -db level reading from VMS

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Minimum -db level reading from VMS


i've noted that if I have samples with low low volume and I apply for example -30db of attenuation to increase volume on Viena, VMS doesn't read the -30 and applies a different value, I don't know wich value... maybe -10 or -15 or -20, but surely not -30 or -40 or others more negative values. You can set -30 or -40, but you hear the same volume of -25 for example or -20 maybe I don't know exatly the minimal negative value applied from VMS..

So i supposed that bassmidi or VMS has a minimal value negative "-db" to read. which is this value?


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Re: Minimum -db level reading from VMS

VMS does nothing regard volume info stored into SF2 files, so I don't know which is the limit of that parameter.
I suggest you to ask this question on BASS forum (

As a workaround I suggest you to set the whole soundfont volume up to 500% in VMS soundfont config editor (doubleclick on the sounfont item in configured soundfonts list).