After initial success, can no longer get audio out from MS Media Playerfor

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After initial success, can no longer get audio out from MS Media Playerfor

When I first installed VirtualMIDIsynth, on my HP Windows 10 PC, it worked well , providing a noticeable enhancement of the playback audio quality of MIDI files I have accumulated over the years.   Then, for whatever reason, it stopped providing audio output when I used VirtualMIDIsynth as my default MIDI synthesizer, although it still produced the normal output when I selected MS Windows Media Player as the default synthesizer. However, when VirtualMIDIsynth was selected, the MS Windows Media Player progress bar moved slowly from left to right, as it always does when reading audio files, but there was no audio output.   

So it appears that the Player is working, but the output channels are not.   I do have one unusual circumstance that might be a source of the problem: I am visually impaired, and use the Magic screen reading software from Freedom Scientific to read text materials.   Magic is both a screen reader (using a synthesized human voice) and a magnifier, which enlarges the text, while using a rectangular box outline to highlight the word or sentence being read.   Magic has a keyboard shortcut of Alt+ CTRL +M to be turned on and off., wwhich is the same shortcut used by VirtualMIDIsynth for turning ON/OFF the mixer panel. 

Sensing that MAGIC could be the source of the problem, I uninstalled it.  also uninstalled VirtualMIDIsynth,  and then reinstalled it t, to assure a fresh normal copy of the program.   To my dismay, this did not solve the problem.

Any insights and potential solutions from you geeks out there would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: After initial success, can no longer get audio out from MS Media Playerfor

Well, I don't think that shortcut is the cause of your bug; anyway VirtualMIDISynth have an option to change it from the default CTRL+ALT+M to another combination of your choice.
Open VMS configurator, then open Shortcuts, put the focus on MIDI Mixer shortcut box and press the new combination (it should appear into the box), finally press Apply/Ok.
To be really sure, restart both VMS and Magic so they both will relink to the right shortcut.

Now to the missing audio output: I've updated the FAQ, expecially the troubleshooting one (#1).
Please follow those steps to check that everything is OK, then feel free to post here if you need further help.