Draging Soundfonts on the Soundfont Chain by Holding Left Click

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Joined: October 14, 2016 - 03:20
Draging Soundfonts on the Soundfont Chain by Holding Left Click

Hi there, how have you been? so in these last couple of weeks I've been thinking and making a list of ideas for VirtualMidiSynth,

and this one it's pretty simple so I figured I would start with this one:

Basically if you hold left click on top of a soundfont on the soundfont chain I think It would be intuitive and easy to move them arround if you could just drop them wherever you want

Similar to this I made an example with windows' explorer and 3 folders:

It is also important that if you add this feature you need to let the user to also scroll with the mousewheel meanwhile holding a soundfont with left click, to move a soundfont big distances (when there's lot of soundfonts on the chain), this way you don't need to click the arrow that moves upwards or downwards as much.

Currently nothing happens if you just hold left click, it just highlights the soundfont on which the cursor currently is.

Thanks for reading, on another date I will post a bug related to output device not changing properly when enabling/disabling screencloning with Windows key + p, and of course the 10 ideas left :)

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Re: Draging Soundfonts on the Soundfont Chain by Holding Left Click

In programming languages like C# this request is a matter of a few lines of code.

VMS is pure C++ code (does not even use MFC) to keep it as lightweight as possible, so implementing Drag&Drop in a OwnerDrawn listbox like the soundfont list could be a hard work.

Anyway will add it to TODO list.

PS: what's wrong with move-up/move-down buttons? Will an auto-repeat feature on those buttons help?

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Joined: October 14, 2016 - 03:20
Re: Draging Soundfonts on the Soundfont Chain by Holding Left Click

Thanks, there's nothing wrong with the up/down buttons and this is really not vital :)

It would be just a quality of life (QoL) improvement, I think is called :)

But you DO have to click them a lot of times if you soundfont chain is big and if you want to move it higher or lower, one click per soundfont you have, luckily I have an auto click macro in my mouse that I've used for this exact thing several times, but not everyone has a auto click macro like this

If this is too hard to implement you could do something else instead like the auto-repeat feature you say, here are examples:

  • Another up and down button (for the icons I suggest like the current one but with more arrows) that instead of moving is just one, let's say it moves them 5 times up or down per click, so you have to click 5 times less
  • Holding current arrow buttons clicked automatically move current highlighted soundfont up or down, maybe from 2 to 5 soundfonts per second hold, not sure if this is possible with how the buttons are that they only act when you raise/stop holding left click
  • A "Grab" button that grabs the current highlighted soundfont, and meanwhile the soundfont is in this mode if you scroll the soundfont will scroll with you

What I mean with the 3rd one is something like this if you imagine that 1 soundfont is "grabbed" (also that i'm not highlighting all those others soundfonts) and that's being moved more or less in sync with the scroll bar