Master Only Midi Mixer

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Master Only Midi Mixer

I don't know if you remember that vertical mixer suggestion, well, part of why I made that suggestion was because I wanted the mixer to be less in the way of other programs by being in a vertical configuration

Then I though what if there was a mode where only the master VU meter and it's volume knob it's shown?

Most of the time I just change the general volume only when I'm doing stuff with other programs or just watching a video meanwhile playing a midi and use to ajust the volume

Well I though to change between normal mixer and master volume only mode there should be a arrow over the gear (on the master) that you just click to quickly change between both as wanted

The window could be really small with the current sized master part window only, but that way it the name of the window wouldn't fit nor does the minimize and close buttons, so I just made the VU meter larger in this example:

The unused maximized button was removed, also I tried making a new color palette, there's less black lines, I made that arrow sprite (you can use if you want) from scratch too:

As you can see it's more than 3 times smaller than the normal mixer, to change to the normal one you just click on the arrow and viceversa

Here other/older/test versions I did of this master only midi mixer if you like one of those other features:

Well what are your thoughs on this?

If you do want to do it you can tweak however you want, hope those examples help :)