About MIDI Mixer

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About MIDI Mixer

I remember that in old versions of VirtualMIDISynth, each time you opened a program that used VirtualMIDISynth, the MIDI Mixer would pop out. Currently, to see it, you must launch it from the Systray or through Ctr+Shift+M. I liked more the old behaviour.
My wish is an option in the configuration of the program to allow to choose if you want the MIDI Mixer opening when launching VirtualMIDISynth or not.
Ideally, there could be 3 options:

  1. Start VirtualMIDISynth showing MIDI Mixer
  2. Start VirtualMIDISynth not showing MIDI Mixer
  3. Start VirtualMIDISynth repeating the last situation, that is: if MIDI Mixer was closed when closing VirtualMIDISynth, start next time VirtualMIDISynth with MIDI Mixer closed. If it was open, start VirtualMIDISynth next time with MIDI Mixer open.


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Re: About MIDI Mixer

In VMS 2.x VirtualMIDISynth.exe is a separate process, unrelated to the MIDI Player using its virtual devices.
It means it won't close anymore once the MIDI Player is closed, or it completes playing, like VMS 1.x.
That caused a lot of "Mixer flickering", which was really annoying.

MIDI Mixer now behaves like your point #3 BUT, since VirtualMIDISynth.exe doesn't terminate anymore after MIDI player completes playing, the Mixer stays open till VirtualMIDISynth.exe is running.

So, if you close VMS by the systray icon (--> Exit menu) while the Mixer is open, then the mixer will reopen the next time VirtualMIDISyth.exe is started again (i.e. when you open a new MIDI player).