JJazzLab and VirtualMIDISynth

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Joined: December 21, 2019 - 20:07
JJazzLab and VirtualMIDISynth

Hi, I'm the developer of JJazzLab, a new free and open source application for musicians to easily create backing tracks.

It's a Midi-based application so I make tests using VirtualMidiSynth (very convenient! I added a link to CoolSoft website from the JJazzLab FAQ page) to find good soundfonts to recommend.

It's not easy to find a soundfont that sounds well-balanced for the various rhythms/styles generated by JJazzLab. Actually the current JJazzLab version uses Yamaha style midi files (used by the Yamaha arranger keyboards such as the PSR or Tyros), so I guess a Yamaha-based soundfont would be better. I've searched a little bit but did not find one, maybe someone here could help ?

Thanks !