Error during CVS login

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Error during CVS login


Could you help me to resolve the following error which recently appears each time I'm starting my PC and having the CVS selected to login from start - SEE the attached image of the error displayed. Thanks.   Tony H.

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Error during CVS login_A.png
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Re: Error during CVS login

It seems that VMS starts twice, maybe something got wrong during setup and/or a previous version was not completely removed.

Anyway I suggest you to use a great free tool like SysInternals AutoRuns.
You can use it to get a detailed list of what's configured to start at computer boot and at each user logon.

You should find 2 instances of VMS: remove (or disable) them all, then reopen VMS configurator and set it again to start at logon.

Here's a tutorial on how to use the tool:

PS: Windows 10 users can use the Startup tab of Windows Task manager, but it gives a lot less details ;)