VirtualMIDISynth driver stops working intermittently

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VirtualMIDISynth driver stops working intermittently

Since returning home for quarantine, a problem has arisen on my desktop PC where I get this error whenever I try to start up virtualmidisynth (see attachment at the bottom).

Problem is, reinstalling the driver as the error suggests only seems to be a temporary solution. Because it seems that on top of this, it seems that if you leave virtualmidisynth inactive long enough, it will switch back to the default GS Wavetable synth, until I restart the program manually, which gives me the same error. I find this to be rather annoying since it worked fine on my laptop without any issues. Does anyone know if there's a way to fix this?

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Re: VirtualMIDISynth driver stops working intermittently

This bug started with latest Windows update (Windows 10-2004).

It affects all MIDI drivers registered, so not only VirtualMIDISynth but CoolSoft MIDIMapper too.
It's something I'm working on, but not so easy to fix.

I've just started a new thread to collect reports from all affected users.
Please join there and report your Windows version as described there.