VirtualMIDISynth and external Expander

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VirtualMIDISynth and external Expander


until last week I've always used VMS with some Soundfonts and used my karaoke and midi player using as midi output VMS.

Now I've bought a great external hardware expander and I can use it directly from my player but since it has not a channel mixer, and the expander cannot use its own from external source, I'd like to use it through VMS. The problem is that this configuration does not work! :(

I've left the midi out of the player with VirtualMIDISynt, inside VMS I've selected as periferical midi (with MIDIMapper) my external expander and output sound card the same as always (since is not seen expander as soundcard but only as midi output). It does not work, no sound exit from output or, at least, it exit but I cannot mute the lead channel.

Anyone can help me?

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Re: VirtualMIDISynth and external Expander

MIDIMapper tab cannot be used to select where the MIDI stream sent to VMS will be "redirected"; it only allows the selection of the default MIDI device to be used by old softwares that miss a device selection setting (and rely on the Windows MIDIMapper in the past).

A MIDI stream sent to VirtualMIDISynth wil be played by VirtualMIDISynth; there's no way for it to be "patched" and sent to another device.