TODO LIST, please check here if your wish is already on the list

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TODO LIST, please check here if your wish is already on the list

THIS THREAD IS RESERVED TO ADMIN, you can't post here (LATEST UPDATE: 2018.06.18)
This post is a public (ongoing) list of what was already requested, with a link to the corresponding thread.

Please do not add duplicate request but subscribe to that existing thread and post your suggestions there.
If you have a new idea/request that's missing from this list, create a new thread in Wishlist forum.

Actually working on (next 2.5.0 beta/RC versions)

Requested features

Features that can't actually be added

  • ASIO/WASAPI support to output audio devices
    I don't have an ASIO soundcard to test and virtual ASIO devices are unreliable and unstable

  • Realtime patch "program change" messages to allow users to patch wrong/unwanted instruments
    I still think this task should be done at MIDI player side and not at virtual device side.
    It's also a performance killer, at least with a mean 2015 hardware.

  • Add 5.1 support to MIDI synthesis
    Lot of work and little demand

  • Support for hosting VST effects
    Lot of work and little demand

  • Support more than 16 MIDI channels (actually BASS supports up to 128)
    See this post for an explanation on why this feature can't be implemented (thanks to @falcosoft):

Features completed


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