Disconnecting MIDI Keyboard Causes WMP Default Device to Change?

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Disconnecting MIDI Keyboard Causes WMP Default Device to Change?

If I disconect my usb midi keyboard meanwhile I'm playing a midi with WMP when the midi loops/I press stop and play microsoft wavetable synth starts playing instead of VMS

This is caused because the midi mapper's Windows Media Player default device changes to Microsoft GS Wavetable synth when the keyboard it's disconnected

I think this behaviour it's caused because when I disconect the keyboard the list order changes, when it's connected VMS shows up first on the list:

But when I disconect the keyboard it shows up second and Microsoft GS wavetable Synth as first

I think this means it currently saves the selected device by the order on that list and because the list order changes everytime I disconect my keyboard, the device changes

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