[BETA] Version 1.9.0-beta

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Joined: 16 Nov 2018 - 00:57
Re: [BETA] Version 1.9.0-beta2 released

I set reverb and chorus to 127 in VMS and also set reverb and chorus to max in NWC .. then I could hear these effects.

So the problem has been solved.

Thank you,


John Waylett

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Re: [BETA] Version 1.9.0-beta2 released
jbwaylett wrote:
I am using Noteworthy Composer (NWC) with VMS for composition...

This is a 5-years old thread that refers to a really old 1.9.0 version of VMS.
I suppose (and hope) you're not still using that old version, are you? ;)

If yes, consider upgrading to the latest 2.x version.

falcosoft wrote:
There were some versions of VMS where Reverb & Chorus values were not initialized properly

Right. Version 2.6.0 fixed an old issue with Reverb&Chorus initialization.
I honestly don't know if this bug came from 1.x series...