Further customizations of generated script

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Anonymous user
Further customizations of generated script

Thanks for this amazing utility! It makes creating custom dialogs so much easier.

Would it be possible to add another "Script" option in the "Dialog" "Properties"? It would be great if there was an option to add a "Header" and "FooterCustomScript" for the "fnc_XXXX_Show" function. This way you can have some code check if the dialog needs to be displayed, and if not, just have it "abort."

Thanks again!

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Function fnc_xxx_Show

Function fnc_xxx_Show must be used only if you need to show the dialog without any behind logic.

You could wrap its call with your test code or, if you need deeper control on created dialog (like presetting control values) you could replace it completely with your own one code:

# your own code
!include Form1.nsdinc
# test if we must show the dialog
${If} $myTestVar == 1
  # create dialog
  Call fnc_Form1_Create
  # customize its content
  ${NSD_SetText} $hCtl_Form1_Label1 "Hello World!"
  # then show it
  nsDialogs::Show $hCtl_Form1

Please tell me if I understood your question... otherwise post the desired content of fnc_xxx_Show function.