[SOLVED] Bad text encoding: myproject.nsdinc

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[SOLVED] Bad text encoding: myproject.nsdinc


The last version of "NSIS Dialog Designer" seems to have a bug when it generates the .sdinc file.

The .nsddef file is correctly saved with UTF8 encoding, but not the .sdinc file (I see it is ANSI encoded with a text editor).

Then when we include the .sdinc file in a nsis script (that contains Unicode true), the last NSIS version compile script but with this error: Bad text encoding: myproject.nsdinc:...

If it's not a bug, how tell to "NSIS Dialog Designer" to save the .sdinc file with UTF8 encoding ?

Thanks for your help, greetings.

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Re: Bad text encoding: myproject.nsdinc

Sorry for the late reply ;)

I've attached here version 1.5.0-beta1 which should fix the issue.

Versions up to 1.4.x analize the content to decide if it should be saved with ANSI or UTF-8 encoding.
Version 1.5.0 will default to UTF-8; a new Dialog property Encoding allows user to force encoding back to ANSI, if needed.

Please check it out and post your feedback.

UPDATE: version 1.5.0 released, attachment removed.

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Re: Bad text encoding: myproject.nsdinc

Thank you very much !!