Multi-Channel Export

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Anonymous user
Multi-Channel Export

Is there a way that a simple operation could be implemented in converter options, so that every midi channel could be outputted to its own separate wav file? (So, for example, a 16 channel midi would have 16 wav files outputted, one for each channel.)


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Re: Multi-Channel Export

There's actually no way to split the output analog stream to 16 parts, other than converting it 16 times and mute all channels but one per run.
The underlying BASS library has a "MIDI stream" concept, but this stream is a full MIDI channel with 16 tracks.

The multiple conversion could be automated with some sort of scripting language or command line tools, but I actually have no plans on it and (sadly) there's not so much request :(

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Re: Multi-Channel Export

Actually I was gonna suggest this myself, I think It would be really useful, at least to me and probably to Andrew aswell, and of course the users that just use the program but don't go to the forums, which should be quite bigger.

Currently the fastest way to do this very same thing manually with virtual midi synth only it's to solo channel 1 then export then solo channel 2 then solo channel 3 etc.

A while ago I found out a way to do this faster and it was by opening a midi with my DAW mixcraft and solo-ing channel 1 and then export as midi, then the same with all the other 15 channels, luckily mixcraft it's fast at exporting 1 channel midis, but it still is a repetitive and manual process,

after I'm done then I would end up with 16 1 channel midis, and I would have to just drop them on the midi mixer thanks to the converter letting you put several input midi files and once it's done all 16 channels are exported as 16 sound files with the soundfont I want

as you can read it's not a very fun process to do, and if the converter could automate this process it would really save people that want all 16 channels recorded separatly some time.

Also this is not an uncommon thing, audacity for example has a "export multiple" function that exports all the channels in the format you want that I use regularly, and mixcraft has an option to save all proyect files (incuding all sound files) in a folder on or even on a zip file.

As for how you should implement this:

While BASS doesn't support this, the only real way to really do it anyways is really to "record" it each time for each channel separately, like the process I do manually every time I need separated midi channel outputs,

the difference is that if this process it's automatically made by the computer it will take at least 10 times less to do, the only thing that will take time it's the 16 times longer midi file recording, but that's not different from rendering a video on a video editor.

Also, if you add this you should also add some kind list of channels that you want exported as (sound file), this way it won't just export all 16 channels

I think putting checkboxes like this would work:


  | Channel Select             - [ ]X |

  | Channels to record:              |

  | 1  []   5  []   9    []   13  []      |

  | 2  []   6  []   10  []   14  []      |

  | 3  []   7  []   11  []   15  []      |

  | 4  []   8  []   12  []   16  []      |

  |                                  [OK]     |


I would recomend adding a "Enable Multi-Channel Export" check box or with a similar text on the midi file converter window to disable/enable this function

To open this window you should put a [Channels to Export] button or [Channel Select] something like that on the MIDI Converter Window or instead of making this window just put it inside of the Midi Converter Window and arrange them differently, up to you, but like on the midi mixer button I would recomend adding a (*) if not all 16 channels are activated.

And I also think that if you do this window you could actually reuse it to select what channels you want to be mixed into a single wav file on the midi file, though the solo functions (when solo put at 0%) on the midi mixer of the converter also currently does this function, they will both work.

As for what names the files should have this should work: (Midi file name)-(channel number).(sound format) for example if you put Generalmidi.mid and you select 16 bit wav it would output this: Generalmidi-1.wav, Generalmidi-2.wav, Generalmidi-3.wav etc.

Thanks for reading, and for your awesome program that I still use daily o7.

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Re: Multi-Channel Export

Your suggestion seems a reasonable compromise instead of having 16 separate rendering threads.

Well, it increases rendering time but will surely be quicker than exporting the same MIDI 16 times by hand ;)

Added to TODO list...

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Joined: 14 Ott 2016 - 03:20
Re: Multi-Channel Export

Thank you very much :) :) :)

This is probably the 1st on the list of features I would love to have in VMS and I will definitely use it quite a bit once it's added :)

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Joined: 25 Mar 2012 - 01:19
Re: Multi-Channel Export

Just started a new thread for version 2.11-beta that contains this feature.

Please check it out and report any bug (on that thread).