Multiple USB to midi adapter issues

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Multiple USB to midi adapter issues

I have 3 different midi synths that I want to connect to my PC through their own usb to midi adapter. Two of the adapters are the same brand and one is different and midimapper is not seeing more than one of the same branded adapters when they are plugged in at the same time. Device manager sees both adapters just fine but there's only one option showing in midi mapper to choose from. Both of these devices are the same brand and I think midi mapper sees them as the same adapter even though windows sees them as distinct devices under sound devices in device manager. I also have a UMONE and that shows up fine along with the single offbrand entry, which should show two offbrand entries. I am pretty sure if I got another brand of adapter that all of them would show up but for some reason midi mapper is not seeing two separate adapters as two entries to be chosen but only as one. Any insight in to this problem so that I can use all of my adapters at the same time without having to plug them in separately each time I want to use them?

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Re: Multiple USB to midi adapter issues

While I agree that this can be a problem I do not really understand how it could help to use both of your same branded devices at the same time if Coolsoft Midi mapper could recognize both of  them. The purpose of Coolsoft Midi mapper is to help in selecting a default Midi Out port which is not the Microsoft GS soft synth. This way you can force Midi software that can use only the default Midi Out device on your system to send messages to a different port. But you can have only ONE default device on your system for a given time.
To use both of your devices at the same time you have to use software that can handle (at least) 2 ports and let you select different ports directly. But in this case you do not need a Midi mapper at all.