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MIDIMapper Help

I uh... I have no idea what I'm doing.

So, I'm trying to change the Default MIDI soundfont on my computer so the music for a game I'm playing will change accordingly. The wiki for said game suggested I download VirtualMidiSynth, which they said could "make any MIDI soundfont I've downloaded, and make it the system default." However, it seems this feature of it is no longer supported as of Windows 8, and now must be done through MIDIMapper.

I downloaded some soundfonts, but they aren't showing up on the options within MIDIMapper, and the more I read about the software, the more confused I get about how it actually works. What do I do?


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Re: MIDIMapper Help

Ok, wait, let me shed some light 😂

First, I suggest you to read my post blog about Windows MidiMapper history here.
It should help you better understand what a MidiMapper is (or better... was) and why it's actually required by old MIDI softwares.


  • CoolSoft MIDIMapper emulates the old (now missing) MIDIMapper and let you select a default MIDI output device for your game
  • CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth is a virtual MIDI synthesizer, a software that receives a MIDI stream as input and produces "analog" audio as output.
    This audio is the "rendering" of the received MIDI stream. It features a MIDIMapper configurator that works out-of-the-box till Win8; on newer OSes it also needs CoolSoft MIDIMapper to work properly.

That said, to let your (old) MIDI software select the desired MIDI output device you only need to install CoolSoft MIDIMapper.

If you also like to have a much more better MIDI rendering (by using your preferred soundfont) you could optionallyinstall CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth.

Hope this clears your doubts 😉