Didn't work for me

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Anonymous user
Didn't work for me

Didnt work for me.
I think it will be best to write complete example.

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Just to be clear, NSISDialogDesigner only creates include files containing dialog definitions. It's up to you to create the main NSIS script and call dialog functions when needed.

As an example you can use the three code blocks I posted in the article.

  • Create a Form1.nsddef file containing the first code block
  • In the same folder create a Form1.nsdinc file containing the second code block script
  • Finall, in the same folder again, create your main NSIS script, say test.nsi, containing the last code block script.

Now compile test.nsi and you'll get test.exe setup.

Anonymous user
hi, I think there is a

hi, I think there is a problem with name, if I do a test using name "FORM1" it works, but if I use any other name I get error

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Joined: 25 Mar 2012 - 01:19
Please elaborate a little bit...

Please elaborate a little bit...

  • which version are you using (suppose the latest)?
  • when you say "if I use any other name" you mean during new form creation?
  • which error do you get?
Anonymous user
RE: Please elaborate a little bit...

The problem is in the debugger code and using the filename for the dialog name.

The debugger only works properly if the filename is Form1.nsddef

Please see my other comment for the error in the debugger.

As for the naming, how about a Name property for the dialog.