Feature requests...

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Anonymous user
Feature requests...

I am interested in following features:

  1. CommCtrol.nsh header for extended ListView functionality...
  2. x64 / x86 code(path) resolving with insertable defines.
  3. Stepping / Tracing in real-tme.
  4. Command Line !

Does this application is capable of any of this?

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Not an IDE

Please note that NSISDialogDesigneris a designer only, and is not going to became an IDE (there's a lot of good IDEs out there).
None of the feature you're requesting is implemented:

  1. it doesn't support ListView either
  2. this must be done into your own script, NSISDialogDesigner will only help creating the dialogs part of it
  3. NSISDialogDesigner is a designer only, not an IDE
    AFAIK no existing tool is able to step debug NSIS scripts
  4. ...could you please elaborate?