Beatnik engine support?

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Beatnik engine support?

can add delayed note off event

is because synthfont/fluidsynth and beatnik have different width of notes = smooth music, example synthbass. but on this have more shorted notes or add any option for add delay for note off

example: if original notes have 1/4 width (480) i can  set to 500 without touch midi? it's because note with 480 in synthfont/fluidsynth is equivalent to 490 in bass however beatnik 480 is equivalent to 490-495. how to override midi width received, example when is 480 replace with 495. i need this for some mobile sound banks.

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Re: Beatnik engine support?

I suppose you should use some kind of MIDI preprocessor, like MIDIOX (, between your MIDI client/player and VMS.