Default FX Chorus and Reverb Type used by synth

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Joined: 14 Maggio 2019 - 09:33
Default FX Chorus and Reverb Type used by synth

Ehi, first of all thanks to the developer and the contributors for the large work done. 
I use VirtualMidisyth from long time, but every time I notice that the FX type used in Virtual Midi synth (reverb and chorus type used) is very bad compared to other synths and players like "Kanto" or "Winlive".

If I use for example, Kanto Player with the same soundfont and I choose to use the integrated synth to load sf2, and not the external Virtual Midi Synth, I get best results with the integrated Kanto synth FX, with same options, from Kanto Player, because I hear better chorus/reverb than loading Virtual Midi synth.

It's not related to the famous "reverb bug" that has been fixed... It's related instead to the type of FX chorus and reverb used, (or maybe amount? but even with maximum set on virtual midi synth doesn't change, you can hear the difference with Kanto)... so if I try same midi, on kanto the results are better in playing midis, they sounds more pleasant, same thing in converting midi to mp3 with sf2...

I think the Kanto FX reverb/chorus types used are the best for midi...

Please if you can integrate same FX of Kanto, or the possibility to choice, it would make Virtual Midi Synth almost perfect in FX....

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Re: Default FX Chorus and Reverb Type used by synth

I don't know which rendering engine Kanto uses but, since you said you're using the same SF2 soundfont in both softwares, I suppose Kanto is using a different engine than BASS.

That said, VirtualMIDISynth is based on BASS/BASSMidi libraries, so it strictly depends on how BASS "renders" the chorus/reverb effects.

An improvement should come if/when I'll add VST effects support to VirtualMIDISynth; this is a huge lot of work with a very few user-base, so it's very far to come...

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Joined: 14 Maggio 2019 - 09:33
Re: Default FX Chorus and Reverb Type used by synth

Thanks for the reply.. ok, I understood, no problem.. If in future there will be possibility to have better FX, integrated or external, it will be better...
Let's wait for the future