In this section you'll find software related to PHP and Linux world.

The most popular is Drupal-SQLite, a slightly modified version of the famous Drupal CMS working with the lightweight SQLite database.
This website itself is built with Drupal-SQLite.

Coming soon:

  • PHPFog, a PHP obfuscator written in PHP
  • a PHP module for Postfix mail server to add the Out-of-Office (aka Vacation) feature
  • an eGroupWare module to manage vacation messages
  • a Mono tool to analyse Postfix log, looking for a particular mail message

Goto Last Page - Demo page

This is a demo page for Goto Last Page Drupal module .

Goto Last Page defaults to the last page of comments (instead of the first one) for configurable node types.

This is useful if you have a lot of comments /maybe threaded) for a node and want the user to immediately show the subpage containing the most recent one.
It also allows adding a custom fragment (like #comments) to pager links, so the user will go straight to comments section while paging through comments.

Drupal-SQLite goes to SourceForge

Drupal-SQLite user community is growing faster so it's time to host it on the best open-source dedicated website.

A new project has just been created on named Drupal-SQLite.
I'll quickly upload the source code to SVN; meanwhile contact me if you'd like to join the project as a developer: you'll be welcome.



Drupal-SQLite è un progetto per rendere Drupal funzionante con un database SQLite.

SQLite è un database leggero, veloce, di pubblico dominio e multipiattaforma.
E' usato da molti importanti progetti opensource; solo per nominarne uno: Mozilla Firefox.