RPN 0x0001 fine tuning

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RPN 0x0001 fine tuning

This request might be misdirected, since it may be part of Un4seen's software and not VirtualMidiSynth.  Please let me know if I should take it to them.

Here's what I'm asking for:

Fine tuning (RPN 0,1) is only affected by the most significant part of the (14 bits of) data, which means the tuning resolution is only about 1.56 cents, instead of the 0.01 cents in the MIDI standard.   This may seem like an inpercetible amount of tuning, but for what I'm doing it would make a difference.

I'm working on a MIDI-OX script that simulates "wind" for the Jeux pipe organ soundfont.  Basically it causes very small dips and slopes in the pitch of notes as more or less are sounded, simulating the same thing that happens in a real pipe organ as different numbers of pipes speak, causing the air (wind) pressure to change.   A pitch change of 1.56 cents is a bit too coarse for the simulation, which tends to stay within a cent unless a bigger number pipes speak at the same time.

The RPN controller is 14-bit. As of right now, pitch only responds to changes in the upper 7 bits, and the lower 7 bits are ignored.

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Re: RPN 0x0001 fine tuning

This is for sure something that should be addressed by Un4seen on BASS libraries.

Please forward your question on their forum and backlink the created thread here, so I can subscribe too and be notified of any update ;)