MIDI file converter ignoring Banks

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MIDI file converter ignoring Banks

The MIDI file converter simply ignores Banks when converting.

It doesn't read the instrument Bank when using a single Soudnfont or when using a Soundfont for each Bank.

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Re: MIDI file converter ignoring Banks

Could you please confirm that the same thing happens if you play the same MIDI file with your MIDI player through VMS?

MIDI Converter uses the same rendering engine as VMS Virtual MIDI device, so I'd like to kow if it's a conversion bug or if it's a synth bug...

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Re: MIDI file converter ignoring Banks

I was just about to post this bug.

Winamp's MIDI plugin doesn't render the banks correctly either when using VMS but displays the correct bank in its MIDI control panel.
The open source program aptly named "MidiEditor" also doesn't render banks correctly.

Guitar Pro 5.2 and Sweet MIDI Player on the other hand does.

I'll see about finding more open source software to compare later.