Sound distortion with complex mixes

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Sound distortion with complex mixes

Hello, I have noticed a flaw in the audio with a particularly deep mixes of timpani.

While playing some deep timpani sounds AND other high pitched instruments like violins and organs the sound shows a little distortion in the bass frequencies.

After being equalized properly with an external editor, the wav file produced highligts the distortion.

I use Anvil Studio and make progressive rock songs mixed with orchestra and apparently while the timpani strikes the low frequencies the other sounds of violins gets "absorbed".

It is not very noticeable but if you try to get the best from a mix you can see it almost clearly.

Is it possible to resolve the problem?

(in the Anvil Studio software i never put the volume of instruments to their max..i usually use 80% of timpani anf 70% of violins volumes.)


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Re: Sound distortion with complex mixes

Thanks for your detailed bug report.

VMS depends on the BASS libraries for the synth part; it means that the "analog" conversion from MIDI stream to analog audio is completely in charge of BASS libs.

Since Un4seen (the developer of BASS libs) has a very active user forum, I suggest you to:

  • download XMPlay (together with its MIDI plugin), a lightweight MIDI player wrote by the same author as BASS
    NOTE: you don't ever need to install it, it runs as a portable app
  • play your MIDI file with XMPlay and check if it has the same issue
    (its MIDI plugin have the same rendering engine as VMS)
  • if you have the same issue, then report it in a new thread on the BASS Forum.
    You could specify that you've tried both with VMS and XMPlay, but I suppose that it will be easier for the author to reproduce it with XMPlay.

Please link back the new thread here, so I could be notified of updates, if any.