Radio button selected state

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Anonymous user
Radio button selected state

I can't figure out how to make a radio button be selected as the default selection. Is this possible? Thank you!

Anonymous user
RE: I can't figure out how to

There should be a "Checked" value in the properties. Or something similar.

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Joined: 25 Mar 2012 - 01:19
Thanks for the idea

@Benjamin: thanks for the idea, I'll add it to next version...

Posts: 1687
Joined: 25 Mar 2012 - 01:19
Version 0.9.14 released

Added new "Checked" property to RadioButton control.
I also added the possibility to create more than one group of RadioButtons (remember that only one RadioButton can be checked inside a group).

RadioButtons are grouped by their container; default container is the dialog.
If you need more than one group you can add RadioButtons to a GroupBox (if you need border and title around the group) or a Panel (title and border-less).
Please note that Panel has no corresponding NSIS control, so no NSIS script is generated for it.

NOTE: please check TabOrder of RadioButton controls, because it must be correctly set (WS_GROUP style is applied to the first RadioButton of each group).