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Developing custom design


First of all, I would like to tell you that I am new for NSIS script. Now I want to develope a page which is similar to License agreement page. But if I use the predefined  "!insertmacro MUI_PAGE_LICENSE" I am able to change the content of the License agreement, but what I want to change is the predefined word "LICENSE AGREEMENT", since my work doesn't need that but the format is the same, so I thought of desingning such templete. So I am using CoolSoft tool. 

But I am having the following questions :

1. How do I add Text in the Text box (i.e the box which displays the text in License.txt, I am sorry I don't know whether it is ordinary TextBox) ??

2. How do I link the buttons in this page with the code in .nsi file? For eg. If I click 'Cancel' button then I need to get a pop-up asking "Are you sure you wanna exit?". So these both will be seperate in the code, so how do I link them??

Thanks a lot for the services.
Is this still in development phase?
Or can I implement the above mentioned changes?

Can you please let me know if there's another way of implementing my own License Agreement templete and use it in NSIS script?

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I think you need to get more

I think you need to get more confident with NSIS + nsDialog programming before completing such task ;)
Creating custom dialog and hooking their events is not so simple; and NSISDialogDesigner is only meant to help designing dialogs graphically, but you still need a good nsDialogs background.

Try to post your questions on NSIS forum here: NSIS developers forum.
You'll find a lot of skilled NSIS programmers, and maybe your answers to your questions are already there.

As for your questions, here you are my quick thoughts:

1) that's not so easy, because the text you're going to add is (I suppose) long. MUI_PAGE_LICENSE, if I remember correctly, includes the license file the calls a compiled function passing it the filename and the handle to the control that will receive file content. Look into nsDialog include script files, look for the MUI_PAGE_LICENSE and study that code.

2) there should be a function called on Cancel press. See here for details.