Using a MIDI keyboard to change instruments within a soundfont

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Using a MIDI keyboard to change instruments within a soundfont

I have a digital piano connected by MIDI output to my laptop. My laptop has MIDI-OX and VirtualMIDISynth installed. I have MIDI-OX set to use the keyboard as an inut device and VirtualMIDISynth as an output device. I open VirtualMIDISynth, select a soundfont, click apply, close out of the program, and launch MIDI-OX. With MIDI-OX open, any key I press on the piano sends a signal to my computer, and that signal is converted to audio. The audio that is played from my computer depends on the soundfont I selected.

My piano comes with 100 built-in voices, ranging from 00-99. When the voice on my keyboard is changed, the voice on the soundfont is changed as well.

Some soundfonts contain more than 100 voices, but I can't find out how to access them for real-time playback from my keyboard. This question probably belongs on the MIDI-OX website, but it doesn't look like it's an active site anymore. Is there any way to access voices number 100 and above?

Any help is appreciated, even if you can just redirect me to a better place for the question. Thank you!

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Re: Using a MIDI keyboard to change instruments within a soundfont

I'm not such a MIDI protocol expert, so I can't help on this.

As for the MIDI-OX site: it has a really active forum (, so IMHO that's the best place to post your question.
Most of the users are MIDI gurus and they will help you find a solution.

Another sugegstion that comes to my mind is the Vogons forum (
Its primary target are Very Old Games On New Systems, but most of the users there are MIDI experts.


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