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AutoZIP is a compression utility witch allows to compress a single file in a ZIP archive.
After compression, AutoZIP sets creation, last access and last changed date as the same values of the source file.

It comes in two flavours: Graphical (GUI) for one-shot file compression and CommandLine (CLI) for use in automated scripts/batch.

AutoZIP screenshotAutoZIP could be used to compress highly compressible and daily files, like SQLServer backups or Apache/IIS logs.

Running AutoZIP on these files:

it creates these ZIP archives:

A SQLServer .BAK file is frequently compressed to 50% of original size, while Apache/IIS logs compression could reach 80%.

AutoZIP archives pros:

  • each archive contains a single file; this keeps simple to find a file in case of resume
  • archive has the same creation date of contained file, allowing to order them by date;

AutoZIP could also:

  • be used in batch files/scripts (CLI version only)
  • compress a series of files using wildchars (eg. *.BAK)
  • automatically delete source files after compression;

My thanks to guys for their great #ziplib library.


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