CoolSoft MIDIMapper beta5 released


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Re: CoolSoft MIDIMapper beta5 released

Thanks for your kind words, really appreciated ;)

MIDIMapper is almost finished; actually there's no bug around to be fixed so it could be released as final as is, no changes.
But I'd like to stay on the safe side and have at least a Release Candidate before the final version.

As for the fallback feature, that's a good idea for "removable" devices like USB sound cards and USB MIDI external interfaces.
I have to further investigate on it to see how I could check for device existance, stay tuned.
Meanwhile you could create a desktop shortcut to MIDIMapper configurator by right clicking on its control panel icon and selecting "create shortcut"; it will create a shortcut to the desktop that you can use to quickly switch default MIDI device.

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Re: CoolSoft MIDIMapper beta5 released

During Installation of Beta 5 on Windows 10/32 during the Installation error message pops up:

An error occured: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt

Create folder: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MIDIMapper
Output folder: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MIDIMapper
Installing x86 MIDIMapper to C:\WINDOWS\system32\MIDIMapper
Extract: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MIDIMapper\MIDIMapper.dll
Output folder: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MIDIMapper
Installing x86 Configurator to C:\WINDOWS\system32\MIDIMapper
Extract: MIDIMapper.Configurator.exe
Extract: MIDIMapper.Configurator.exe.config
Extract: README.htm
Registering MIDIMapper driver
Execute: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MIDIMapper\MIDIMapper.Configurator.exe /RegisterDriver
Registering MIDIMapper configurator to Control Panel
Execute: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MIDIMapper\MIDIMapper.Configurator.exe /RegisterConfigurato

OK completes the setu



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