About CoolSoft

My name is Claudio Nicora, I'm Italian (proud of).
CoolSoft is what I hope my software is: little, free and efficient tools to solve everyday's needings.
All of my software is available for free, feel free to download and try it.

If you think it's usefull, send me a message.
If you want to support me... click the Donate link on the home page ;-)

Further info about me:

  • Name: Claudio Nicora
  • Place of birth: Varese (ITALY)
  • Studies: Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering
  • Activities:
    • .NET and PHP programmer
    • Network administrator
    • MySQL and SQLServer DBA
    • Active member of some Open Source communities (Drupal, Ubuntu, Sourceforge and many others)
  • Links: Linkedin profile