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In this section you'll find software related to PHP and WWW world.

FileWatcher browser extension


FileWatcher is a browser extension for web developers that automatically reloads browser tabs when one of the watched local source files changes.
If you're a web developer, I'm sure you'll repeat the sequence CTRL+S / ALT+TAB / F5 a lot of times in a day; save / switch to browser / reload is one of the most boring "manual batch" that a web developer does during their work day.
We could save a lot of time (and key presses) if the browser could automatically reload the webpage when needed.

FileWatcher is open source software, licensed under GPLv3.
Source code is available here: http://github.com/coolsoft-ita/filewatcher

FileWatcher Screenshot

AutoPinTab browser extension


This Firefox extension automatically pins newly opened tabs based on their URL.

To decide the tabs to automatically pin, user must define a set of patterns.
Each pattern could be a plain text URL (like "http://www.google.com") or a JavaScript regular expression pattern (like "^https?\/\/www\.google\.com\/").

Patterns can be configured using the addon options page or right-clicking on the page you want to autopin and selecting one of the AutoPinTab context menu items.

Goto Last Page - Demo page

This is a demo page for Goto Last Page Drupal module .

Goto Last Page defaults to the last page of comments (instead of the first one) for configurable node types.

This is useful if you have a lot of comments /maybe threaded) for a node and want the user to immediately show the subpage containing the most recent one.
It also allows adding a custom fragment (like #comments) to pager links, so the user will go straight to comments section while paging through comments.

Drupal-SQLite goes to SourceForge

Drupal-SQLite user community is growing faster so it's time to host it on the best open-source dedicated website.

A new project has just been created on SourceForge.net named Drupal-SQLite.
I'll quickly upload the source code to SVN; meanwhile contact me if you'd like to join the project as a developer: you'll be welcome.



This page describes Drupal-SQLite, a patch to make Drupal 6.x work with a SQLite database.

SQLite is a lightweight, fast, public domain, easily integrable, multiplatform database system.
It's used by many of the greatest open source projects; just to name one... Mozilla Foundation on Firefox & Thunderbird.