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This is a demo page for Goto Last Page Drupal module .

Goto Last Page defaults to the last page of comments (instead of the first one) for configurable node types.

This is useful if you have a lot of comments /maybe threaded) for a node and want the user to immediately show the subpage containing the most recent one.
It also allows adding a custom fragment (like #comments) to pager links, so the user will go straight to comments section while paging through comments.

Below you'll find a 4 subpages list of sample comments.
As you can see the default subpage shown, when no explicit page=xxx query parameter is present, is the last one containing the most recent comment.

The "First page" pager link now has an extra page=0 parameter that forces Drupal to show the first page, while the "Last page" link has no page parameter at all.
Pager links also have an additional #comments fragment that allows visitors to easily surf through subpages (think about a very long node with comments at the bottom of page).

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Sample comment #31

Sample comment #32

Sample comment #33

Sample comment #34