Increasing reverb / saving settings / occasional crashes?

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Increasing reverb / saving settings / occasional crashes?

Greetings.  This was a lucky find for me, as I am trying to reproduce the Awe32-based sound of a particular game and this app works pretty well for that.

First thing I wanted to do was highlight a weird bug I have: Any changes I make to the config do not save.  In fact the configurator does not even attempt to update the .conf text file.  The only exception to this is during the initial setup when installing.  Therefore I have needed to uninstall / reinstall whenever I want to make config changes.  It's a minor thing.

The main purpose of this post is to ask what I might try in order to increase or change the nature of the reverb.  The Awe32 had a really good reverb that was clear and lasted for several seconds.  I've already tried adjusting the "max reverb" to 127.  Not all that sure what else I might try.  I don't have any control over the midi files themselves.

Other than that, the app has caused my game to crash whenever it simultaneously loads new content and needs to load soundfonts or play music.  It's pretty consistent.  It also stutters audio severely whenever content is loading (the buffer doesn't seem to improve this).  I am hoping that disabling "realtime" may fix this, but that will require another reboot so I'll have to save it for tomorrow.  Just getting these items posted now so they can stew.  Any suggestions for making midi playback unaffected by disk activity the way it is with Microsoft's midi synth would great to have.  (I already cache the soundfont in ram, and it's only 1MB anyway.  The drive is a SSD.)


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Re: Increasing reverb / saving settings / occasional crashes?

You've not posted details of your system, so I'm just supposing what could be wrong.

As you noticed, the whole VMS configuration is stored in a single INI-style file: C:\Windows\System32\VirtualMIDISynth\VirtualMIDISynth.conf or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\VirtualMIDISynth\VirtualMIDISynth.conf (it depends on the bitness of your OS). This file should be world-writable or, at least, user writable.

Since configurator run from setup works (setup must be run as Admin on Vista and newer), I suppose this is a permisison issue.
So the first thing to check is file permissions; you could also try to open it with Notepad (and your user) and try to change it (i.e. add an empty line at the end) then save.
This should work without errors, otherwise there could be something preventing the file being changed, like an antivirus/antimalware.
As a confirmation of my thought, try to run configurator as Admin (Right-click, run as Admin) and check if .conf file is updated.

Marc Brown wrote:
I am hoping that disabling "realtime" may fix this, but that will require another reboot so I'll have to save it for tomorrow

VMS 1.* configuration changes are loaded at next synth restart, no need to restart the whole system.
To reload the driver you must close all MIDI clients using it (VanBasco, Game, ...) and look at VMS systray icon: when it disappears, the driver has been unloaded.