VirtualMIDISynth doesn't detect OmniMIDI x64 library [CONTINUE]

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VirtualMIDISynth doesn't detect OmniMIDI x64 library [CONTINUE]
coolsoft wrote:

VMS does not use the registry to enumerate MIDI devices but it calls midiOutGetNumDevs()/midiOutGetDevCaps().

Cross-bitness enumeration is done through a support process executed by RunDLL32.exe: VirtualMIDISynth.exe (x64 version) enumerates x64 devices by itself and calls RunDLL32.exe (x86 version) to enumerate x86 devices.

Don't know why the x64 version is not enumerated by midiOutGetDevCaps() function...

I sent the message twice in the original topic, and everytime I got the same error...

Anyway, maybe I know why it doesn't work.

I remember blacklisting the main executable in VMS2 because it locks OmniMIDI unless closed. Would it be possible to use both the x86 and x64 versions of RunDLL32 to enumerate both architectures?