How do I get to the mixer?

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How do I get to the mixer?

The image of the mixer on you home page indicates that the mixer is available via right-click of the icon in the system tray, but there is no CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth icon in my system tray, even when I am actively routing MIDI messages to the virtual synth.  All sounds on all MIDI channels are piano - I want to use the mixer to add some variety.

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Systray icon is only shown

Systray icon is only shown when the driver is loaded by MIDI player application (and after a MIDI open call).
Are you sure you're hearing MIDI sound through VirtualMIDISynth? (I suppose yes, because they're really better than the default one)

On Win7 some icons are hidden by default; can you please check that VMS icon is not actually hidden?
If not, please provide further info about your system, VMS version, the player you use...