Toolbox Drag And Drop

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Toolbox Drag And Drop

Maybe its just me but I cant add components to design window. I've created a new file and tried dragging and dropping from the toolbox. How does it work?


Ok I figured it out but seems a bit unintuitive. Could you update your how to use section and say something like this?

1) Select component from Toolbox

2) Double Click in the Design Window where you want to create it.

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Re: Toolbox Drag And Drop
KemaroFangs wrote:

2) Double Click in the Design Window where you want to create it.

Actually the double click is not needed; you just need to:

  1. select the object type you want to create
  2. left click (single) on the design surface to create the object with default size
    (each object has a different default size... button is rectangular, listbox is squared)
  3. OR, instead of a single click, click (and hold) on the design surface and drag the pointer till you reach the size you desire, then release

This is the default behaviour of all the dialog designers I know: VisualStudio, SharpDevelop, Eclipse, NetBeans... ;)


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