Randomly missing info

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Randomly missing info


I use AsposePdf to write Subject, Title and Tags/Keywords to a set of Pdfs. When I add those columns to Explorer, most files do not show the columns.

I have verified in Acrobat Reader that the values are there. See included screenshot of working and non-working pdf.

And I don't find any pattern. I now insert the same values to all files to rule out if there were any characters making problems.

Since these are clients files, I am not sure if I am allowed to post/send them, I need to clarify that first.


OleM, Norway

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Re: Randomly missing info

Have you tried to extract a single page from one of the non-working files with a tool like PDFSam (http://www.pdfsam.org/)?
I expect that the resulting file should be rewritten and "fixed", anyway it worths a try...
If the extracted single-page file has the same behavior and that page is not sensitive, you have a perfect sample for me.

Anyway feel free to post here any file you want, or send them to me privately here.

Thanks for debugging it ;)

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Re: Randomly missing info

Thanks, I will send you a sample now, that you can look into.

BR, OleM


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