Is it possible to change device names?

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Is it possible to change device names?

Now that we have four different VirtualMIDISynth midi devices, could we change the device names ourselves to something more describing than "VirtualMIDISynth #1", #2, #3 and #4.

I ask this mostly for DOSBox usage. Ideally I would like to have something like "VirtualMIDISynth: [ user_defines_content_of_this_field_1 ]",

"VirtualMIDISynth: [ user_defines_content_of_this_field_2 ]", et cetera.

Or are the device names too rigid part to be changed comfortably?

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Re: Is it possible to change device names?

Some things to consider:

  • device names are actually built from internal devices buffers and event queues indexes, so it won't be so easy to make them independent
  • need to provide a dynamic editor for the device names (1 to 4 fields based on currently activated devices)
  • WinMM (the OS underlying multimedia layer) limits the max size of device name to 31 chars, but I've seen some really old MIDI softwares having issues with names longer than 24: being VirtualMIDISynth #X already 19 chars long, there's not so much more space available
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Re: Is it possible to change device names?

Definitely not an easy job then.

I guess for naming you could use short form of VMS1:usertwobyteinput, VMS2:usertwobyteinput, etc.

But it is no use if rest of the stuff is so complicated.

Oh well... I'll live with what I have. :)

Thanks for the reply!


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