VST support, is it possible?

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VST support, is it possible?

Hi Claudio! Thank you very much for the update version of VirtualMidiSynth. On my opinion, it would be a good idea to implement the VST plugin support in VirtualMidiSynth (possibility to connect of even one VST effect plugin). For example, as it is done in Xmplay (XMPlay -> WA DSP wrapper -> dsp_vst.dll -> some VST plugin). It will allow to convert any midi-karaoke player with VirtualMidiSynth to the powerful and functional midi-karaoke system. What do you think about it? Is it possible at all in the future?

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VST support is already on my

VST support is already on my todo list; but being it a long task (and I don't have any knowledge on VST at all) I postponed it for the next 2.x version.
2.x is also far to come: it will contain an architectural change (driver splitting into separate processes), so I can't give any expected deadline.

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Re: VST support is already on my

Any news about it? VSTi support would be a very cool feature. There are some unique VSTi MIDI synthesizers which are not possible to emulate for 100% using soundfonts. For example, S-YXG50.

VST MIDI Driver is not good enough because this driver works only with x32 programs. But it is open source and you can look how it works. foo_midi (a foobar2000 plugin) also uses the same vsthost.

UPD. As it turned out, VST MIDI Driver was silently updated (without any news about it) this year, and now it supports x64 programs. But it would be nice to have a choice :)

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Re: VST support is already on my


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Re: VST support is already on my

VST support is stil there on the TODO list, no steps have been done.
And, also, my knowledge of VST technology has not grown at all.
I still think this is a huge work and, sorry, can't promise anything about it.

Actually I'll give v.muller suggestion a try (@v.muller, thanks for posting it).
Falcosoft is a well-known developer (and also registered here as falcosoft) and his driver is already available and complete.


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